The Allied invasion of Normandy, which took place on D-Day - 6 June 1944 - under the Supreme Command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, was one of the most important events of World War II.

After D-Day it took three months' hard fighting before the Allied forces broke out from Normandy. The DDNF is dedicated to preserving the memory of this historic endeavour. Formed in 1968, the Fellowship is proud to have the insignia of General Eisenhower's Supreme Headquarters as its emblem.

Over the years the majority of DDNF members have been men and women who played their part in the events of 1944, whether in the Services or as civilians. Today, the Fellowship has a growing number of younger members, who have joined because of family links or just a sense of history. The Fellowship is rooted in the comradeship that comes from sharing a common interest in D-Day and the battle of Normandy.

Our website:

  • Enables you to learn more about D-Day and the battle of Normandy through the memories of our members who were there.

  • Tells you about our activities and the historic sites connected with them.

  • Invites anyone who is interested in the commemoration and study of D-Day and the battle of Normandy to join us.

Shaef Insignia

The SHAEF Insignia


The D-day landings. (IWM B5114)

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